Do you want to organize The Christmas path?

What You need

  •   Choose a suitable path where you can hang up the Christmas Story posters.

    • Remember to account for the appropriate place to hang 6 posters along the path, and that the participants can have access to reach the QR code on each poster.

    • Appropriate places include walking zones/paths, calmer parts of the town where people tend to go on walks. (We don't recommend placing it far from population or where it is difficult to access.)

  • Create a map to put on a flyer. It can be a map with hand-drawn coordinates, or you can use Google maps or some other map tool with coordinate markers, or GPS coordinates.

  • Include your contact information on the map and on all the QR Code flyers.

  • Let people know about the Christmas path by word-of-mouth, email, social media, etc.

  • Give out the maps or coordinates so people know where to begin. Encourage people to participate in the activity.

  • Stay in contact with the participants. Imagine the best-case scenario that someone becomes interested in Christianity, has questions, and wants to share their thoughts with someone. Include contact information of someone who can answer questions. Include a phone number, email, or some contact information you are comfortable sharing. If you are a church or Christian organization, include your web address.   

How to Print the Materials?

  •   We recommend investing in weatherproof paper from a printing shop, which you can use again and again. Or you can laminate regular paper (which doesn't necessarily hold up well to wet weather).

How does the Christmas Path work?

 The Christmas Path participants in your area will be based on your contacts via email, social networking, word-of-mouth, etc. Let people know about the activity you are organizing in your area.

On all six posters, you will find three QR codes. The first QR code brings up the story text. (You don't need data for this QR code.) The second QR code brings up a video, which uses data. The third and smallest QR code brings up our website:, where the whole path is written out with the pictures and videos. There is also a form that participants can fill out to receive an email with a Christmas project to do at home. The project summarizes the whole story and has several related activities that participants can do with their family at home: crafts, coloring pages, sequencing activities, etc.

What does the participant need? Smart phone with a camera that can read QR codes. It is possible to do it without the smart phone: Participants can simply look at the pictures on the posters and then go home and look at the story on the website.

How do I get the materials, and does it cost anything?

 We have created these materials for our own mission purposes, so that we can share God's light with others. While we were working on this project, we realized the value it has for others also, so we invested time and money in order to have a valuable product. We don't want the materials to be for sale. We don't want money to be an obstacle for using the materials. If you would like to support our mission work in Tlucna where we create evangelistic materials such as this, you may donate voluntarily to YMCA Czech account number: 2301301631/2010 with Variable Symbol 5031 and we will use your donation for future evangelistic projects. Thanks to generous past gifts, we were able to support this current project.

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