Do you want to oranize the Chritmas path in your neighborhood? Here are the materials.

The Christmas story

English translation: Melissa Lewis, author: Věra Burianová, illustrated: Barbora Sorrentino. These materials are free of charge with no rights to change them.

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Story # 1

Do you remember the story about David?

David was the small boy who defeated the giant Goliath. Yes, it is the same David who became a king. And the same David who spent his whole life in battles and wars. This David loved God with all his heart.

Many, many years after King David, there lived a young woman named Mary, who was engaged to marry Joseph. Joseph was the great great, great, great, great grandson of king David. And here is where we begin our Christmas story.

Story # 2

One morning, an angel appeared to Mary. The angel's name was Gabriel. He came to tell Mary that she would have a baby. "Mary, you will have a baby. His name will be Jesus. He is God's Son. He is the Savior that was written about in the Scriptures. He is the One we have be waiting for."

But...Mary was supposed to marry Joseph. Joseph was quite embarrassed about the situation. He didn't understand, but he decided to trust God's plan, just like David trusted God. Joseph trusted God's plan, and he listened to God.

Story # 3

Nine months later, Mary was ready to give birth. But, in this time, everyone had to go to their hometown because of a census required by the emperor. Every citizen must pay a tax in his hometown. Joseph's hometown was Bethlehem, the town of King David. So, Joseph and Mary had to go on the long journey to Bethlehem.

Story # 4

When Joseph and Mary came to Bethlehem, they found out that there was no place for them to stay. All the rooms were full. "Go away!" the innkeepers shouted at them. "We don't have any place for you. All our rooms are full."

But Mary needed to give birth soon. They needed a place to stay. So, Mary and Joseph stayed in a barn for animals. Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, there in the barn. She lay Him down in the manger, where the animals usually ate. She wrapped Him in cloths. And there in the barn, among the hens, donkeys, and cows, in the middle of the quiet night, God gave the world His wonderful, glorious gift. A child who would one day change the world.

Story # 5

On this night, among all the stars, suddenly, a bright new star appeared. God put the star in the sky when His son was born, to show people the way to Jesus.

The angels told the shepherds that the Savior was born. The angels told them they could find the baby wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger, in the hay. So, the shepherds ran to see the baby, and they told the news to the others. 

Later, three kings came to see this Savior, Jesus. They brought Him precious gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Story # 6

 This baby is like that rare, bright star which shines on the night sky. This baby is the light which shows everyone the way to God. He is the light for the whole world.

And this baby grew, just like you and me. He became a man. He is Jesus.

And, just like Mary rode the donkey to Bethlehem, Jesus would one day ride a donkey to Jerusalem, so that He could be the gift that shines in each of our hearts.

And every Christmas, and every day, we are like the innkeepers that can choose to open the door of our hearts to Jesus and invite Him in. Or we can shut Him out and say, "there is no room here!".

So, what about you? Do you have a place in your heart for Jesus?

John 3:16 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.